Lifestyle photography for restaurants, food producers & venues in Leeds.

Before starting Fig & Fennel, I’d done freelance food photography projects, shooting menus for local food businesses.

I was completely self-taught until Autumn 2018, having picked up food photography through trial-and-error running my food blog at ZoePickburn.com (and at EatsLeeds.co.uk before that).

I recently completed a photography course at Leeds City College, which supplemented my existing knowledge with technical theory and professional coaching (and gave me the confidence to launch Fig & Fennel)

I offer high-quality, semi-professional food photography in Yorkshire or remotely.

I know food businesses.

I’ve worked on the floor in businesses from cute little coffee shops to city-centre pubs, from 4-star hotels to food-stall startups, from indie health-food shops to one of the big four retailers.

And if there’s one thing all those food businesses have in common – one thing they all need to stay afloat – its feet through the door (or, these days, traffic through the online store).

One of the simplest ways to reel in those shoppers & eaters is through high-quality imagery – on the channels they’re using to find their next meal.

Be that Deliveroo, TripAdvisor or Instagram, our eyes are always bigger than our bellies.

I know though, that managing a busy venue or store leaves little time to snap & post mouth-watering photos on a regular basis.

By outsourcing your food photography you can crack on with the rest of your job (whether thats checking stock, wrangling rotas or serving on the frontline).

I’ll spend a day shooting your food onsite, before applying a light edit and then handing over a folder chock full of high-quality images, so you have a  steady stream of content to feed right into your Insta.

Get in touch to learn more.