Equipment for better phone food photography

Equipment for better phone food photography

While I use my (affiliate) Canon 1300D for professional photography and images destined for the blog, having a decent-quality camera always available in my back pocket is, undeniably, hugely helpful when I’m out and about.

There’s no need to faff about getting a big DSLR out at every meal – I generally use my phone camera to snap food for Insta, right before I eat it.

I keep these three little puieces of equioment in my car though and, with my phone camera, they let me set up kind of ‘mini photography studio’ on the go.

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3 pieces of kit that’ll help you take better food photos on your phone

1. Selfie stick tripod

This nifty holder lets you find the perfect angle for your food and even take a selfie, hands-free. It allows you to keep the phone absolutely still, so its easier to focus and get the perfect snap in low light. Using a holder like this also means that you can easily take photos that include your hands in the shot.

Use (affiliate link) this 3-in-1 selfie stick tripod to keep your phone steady while you take food photos.

2. Mini ring light

This ring light clips onto the front of back of pretty much any phone, allowing you to easily and discreetly fill any photo with a pleasant light. Natural light is best for food photography, but thats not always possible, so using a ring light like this, on its lowest setting, allows you to take food photos on your phone after dark.

Buy this Diyife phone ring light here, to improve your phone food photography

3. 5-in-1 diffuser/reflector

The wrong light source can ruin a good photo. Carrying a small 5-in-1 diffuser/reflector with you lets you manipulate the light (by diffusing bright, glaring sunlight or reflecting a single-source light to fill dark shadows).

Try (affiliate) this mini 5-in-1 reflector/diffuser for better food photography on the go.

Taking food photos using an iPhone or another smartphone can be an easy and cheap way to get great food photos when you’re out and about. With these pieces of kit you can improve your phone food photography for around £30. Kepp a tripod, ring light and mini diffuser/reflector on-hand, so you can easily take the best food photos on your phone.

Equipment for better phone food photography