Camera settings for food photography

Camera settings for food photography

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For a long time, I was terrified of taking my camera off auto settings and into manual mode.

A DSLR can take great pictures in its automatic settings – cameras are very clever these days.

But without the control of manual mode, it is hit-and-miss. By switching your camera to manual you can make huge improvements to your food photography.

Photography is all about light.

The amount of light hitting the camera’s sensor is also referred to as exposure. An over-exposed shot looks very pale and washed-out, and an under-exposed shot looks very dark and gloomy.

There are three key settings on your camera that affect the amount of light coming in and hitting the sensor.

This ebook covers the basics of:

  • Aperture
  • Shutter speed
  • ISO

I hope you find it helpful in your own food photography journey.

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Camera Settings for Food Photography